Robert Holden Copyeditor & Proofreader


Why use an editor?

You have something to communicate. It could be an article, conference paper or monograph; maybe it's a report or policy document; it could be a short story, script or novel. Your time and effort has gone into putting it into words, but are you 100% sure what you've written is ready for your readers?

That's where I come in.

What are you working on?

Academic – Books, articles, theses or information for staff and students each have their own particular styles and requirements.

Business – Market research, reports, brochures, HR documents, policies and procedures all need to be crystal clear and accurate.

Creative – Memoirs, scripts, prose, poetry… whatever your creative urge,  you want your words to touch hearts.

connect with your readers

The last thing you want is for people to be distracted by things like punctuation, grammar, a jarring word or phrase, a mismatched citation or the way your text is laid out. You need another pair of eyes to see what you can’t before someone else does.

As a trained and experienced copyeditor and proofreader, I can make sure that every word, dot and paragraph is in place so that your message is what readers will focus on.




Print Ready


'I was impressed by the work Robert did in proofreading my book. He has an eye for detail which picked up things I overlooked. He has an excellent appreciation of the English language and can identify better ways to express things accurately and succinctly. I highly recommend his work.'

Graeme Wylie – Author, But God Sent an Angel


'Your service was excellent, very efficient and thorough. We look forward to working with you again.'

Scripture Union Ireland

'Robert was superbly professional, efficient and considerate, especially with regards to regularly checking in and accommodating some shifting timelines on our part. A very comprehensive piece of work, and quickly turned around given the time available and the size of the project. The Style Sheet prepared was clear and useful, and we will try to deploy it for other projects.'
Grant Goodwin – Dublin Business School


'Tremendous work. You clearly proved the value of hiring a copyeditor!'

NGO Director – Washington D.C.

"I am grateful for Robert’s professionalism and meticulous work on my book. Highly recommended!"

Wan-Chuan Kao – Author, White before Whiteness in the Late Middle Ages


'Thank you for copy-editing my book. You have made it a lot better'

Dr Edith Podhovnik – Author, Purrieties of Language