Publications I have worked on include:



Linguistics: When Minoritized Languages Change Language Theory, A Deeper Learning Companion for CLILPurrietes of Language, Optimal Linking Grammar, Language Aptitude Theory and Practice, Referring in Language (Cambridge University Press)

Religion: Atheists and Atheism before the EnlightenmentCambridge Handbook of Religious Epistemology (Cambridge University Press) 

Social Policy: Taxing Democracy (Bristol University Press)

Other: Parenting the Rainbow (Soulutions GLOBAL)

In press: Society within the BrainEngaging Children in Applied Linguistics Research;, The Theology of Debt in Late Medieval English Literature; Time, Metaphor and Language;, 1–2 Samuel (New Cambridge Bible Commentary), (Cambridge University Press); From Poverty to Well-being and Human Flourishing; Children, Childhood, and Global Politics; Drug Policy Constellations (Bristol University Press); Faith, Flourishing, and Agnosticism (Oxford University Press)



Angels in Our Territory (Hodos); Referring in Language: An Integrated Approach (Cambridge University Press)



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